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Kuksa Ekaterina Dmitrievna1, Mkrtchyan Tamara Yurevna2
1South Federal University, 3rd year student
2South Federal University, PhD in Philology, associate Professor

The following article is devoted to classification of adverbs. The article covers both the traditional (semantic, syntactic, morphological) and modern approaches to the problem. Much attention is given to pragmatic classes of adverbs which are based on the notion of Modus and Proposition. All presented groups of adverbs are illustrated with examples of modern publicism: the politicians’ speeches, the newspaper articles and works of fiction.

Keywords: adverb, adverbial adverbs, classification, complex adverbs, compound adverbs, derived adverbs, modus adverbs, morphological approach, pragmatic approach, propositional adverbs, quality adverbs, semantic approach, sentential adverbs, simple adverbs, syntactic approach, textual adverbs

Article reference:
Kuksa E.D., Mkrtchyan T.Y. English and Russian adverbs in modern linguistics: classification features // Philology and literature. 2016. № 3 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://philology.snauka.ru/en/2016/03/1974

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