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Faul Bogdan Vladimirovich1, Demin Timofei Sergeevich1
1St Petersburg State University, Master's program students, Faculty of Sociology

Discourse analysis is becoming more urgent with each passing day, perhaps from the fact that the role of the text in our lives is increasing every day. One of the most famous contemporary discourse analysts is T.Van Dijk. His role in the development of discourse analysis is difficult to overestimate, but unfortunately, many of his major works do not translated. In this context, in a scientific space of Russia, the role of the analyst cannot fully reflected. In this paper, the authors identify the fundamental position of the approach T.Van Dijk to the analysis of discourse, as well as some elements of the application and concepts.

Keywords: coherence, critical discourse analysis, discourse, genre, pragmatics, skhemata, superstructure, topic

Article reference:
Faul B.V., Demin T.S. Teun van Dijk and modern discourse analysis // Philology and literature. 2015. № 9 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://philology.snauka.ru/en/2015/09/1686

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